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As our Earth goes into a change again, for she has done this many times before, perhaps my readers, you would like to ‘remember’ what it was once like.  Please read my book, ‘Memories of MU’ found on the top right corner of this blog.  Simply click on the title to get to the book.



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Many people wonder exactly what intuition is, where it comes from, and how it seems to come about in times of heightened excitement or stress.
Intuition IS your higher self consciousness. The connection to this is via is neural pathways in your brain. Unfortunately, most of the connections have atrophied as in your cultures and societies, for the most part, you are not trained to enhance or strengthen these pathways but instead to focus on the analytical mind for informative thoughts.
The analytical mind is good for accessing and processing information directly around you, and for accessing and processing stored information but it is worthless for processing information from your higher self.
Your higher self has insight into information that your five senses mind cannot reach. This is because your higher self resides not only inside your body/time/space but well outside it and is able to receive information from many dimensions as well as many places in time/space. In simple words, your higher self has access to the universal consciousness that exists in all time/space.
Much of this information is not relevant to your time/space but some is. Intuitive thoughts, seemingly coming out of nowhere, is your higher self trying to inform your human mind for it’s own good. It is important to listen to these thoughts and take note of their importance. It is also important focus on increasing these thoughts.

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In times of great need your higher self voice may remain your only constant truth so it is vitally important now that you practice accessing this truth on a daily basis. Journal everything that you recieve from this source and over the months you will go back are reread the information and will be surprised at how much you truly know through this source deep within.
Now it is important not only to access this inner knowledge but also the inner strength that goes with it. As you access this inner strength you will learn how to use this. Using this strength may be as simple as focusing this energy within to bring about a positive outcome in the world It may also give you the strength you need to carry through in an important issue you must face in your own life. Either way, you have a wellspring of strength within you that you perhaps were not aware of.
Focus now on visualizing this strength within you. Using your imagination, see this energy well up; feel it fill you up. Practice this on a daily basis and journal the results.

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As you are realizing… the outside distractions of life around you are a challenge as you try to connect inside yourself. Still, with practice, it does become easier and easier to access the higher self inside you. Why should you access this higher self? The higher self is your inner voice that lends you true guidance as well as comfort and strength. This is needed in life and should be available to all people. Unfortunately most have been taught to believe this inner voice is but a mental rambling at best and not a connection to a greater level of consciousness. Indeed you do have what has been referred to as a ‘monkey mind’ that chatters away day and night, but this voice is one of emotions that moves with the currents of energy flowing around you. The higher self voice, in contrast, is a steady, constant voice of reason; one that is not influenced by the emotional fields around you but is instead connected to a higher state of awareness. It is this voice you are striving to connect to.
Continue going inside now and merely listening to this higher self. Record what it tells you in your journal.

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You should by now have an idea of what different energies feel like. As you sit within yourself and reach out to different things you are connecting a part of your self, your energy with each thing you reach out to.
Now pick out something you have been reaching out to and reach out focus thoughts of well being to that thing. In this way you are sending positive energy. After you have done this, again reach out and feel that which you have sent this energy to. Does it feel different?
Close your eyes now and imagine (visualize) that which you sent the energy to. How does it look? Has it reacted in your imagination, positively?
Continue on this exercise for a week. Write down your experiences in your journal.

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Sitting within yourself reach out your consciousness to feel what is all around you. Feel the room you are sitting in or the land you are sitting in. Feel the people and the animals and plants, the furniture, the house. Take special note of what kind of energy each thing you can feel gives off. Sit and feel everything without judging. You are just observing silently.
Now pick up your journal and jot down what you felt. Try to be as detailed as possible in your descriptions.
After you have finished writing in your journal sit back and close your eyes and relax. Allow your imagination to wander letting it take you places. Stay very aware of what you are seeing as your eyes are closed. Once you open your eyes again jot down what you have seen.

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You must learn to sit within yourself. What does this mean? It means to listen to your internal voice rather than listen to all that is external around you. It also means to listen to the voice inside you that is not filled with doubts and worries, or great wants and needs. That is not your internal voice. That is the ramblings of your human mind from collective experiences. The internal voice is the steady constant voice you have heard since you were a child. It is the voice that guides you; carries on conversations with you. Some call it your moral compass. Others call it your intuition or the voice of your soul.  I will call it your higher self, that part of you that extends beyond your human consciousness and continues when the human body stops living.
Go within yourself and sort through all the voices, all the emotions, until you can hear that slow steady voice that is devoid of fears, devoid of wants. It will simply tell you things. Now, sit and listen to this voice for as long as you can concentrate. Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted and do this.

Keep a journal. After you have gone within yourself take the journal out and jot down what this internal dialogue talked about. This is more important than you might realize. It will take some time to trust this internal conversation but keeping a journal to refer back to will speed up this process.

Close your eyes now and relax after you have written your thoughts down in the journal. While you have your eyes closed allow your imagination to wander taking note of where it wants to go. Do not try to make sense of what comes into your imagination, just be an observer. After you have relaxed take your journal and make note of what you saw in your imagination; again not interpreting anything.

Every day allow yourself to do these three things either in the morning or perhaps before you go to bed. Keep your journal safe and private You are connecting with your higher self.