the gabriel pages 6

Many people wonder exactly what intuition is, where it comes from, and how it seems to come about in times of heightened excitement or stress.
Intuition IS your higher self consciousness. The connection to this is via is neural pathways in your brain. Unfortunately, most of the connections have atrophied as in your cultures and societies, for the most part, you are not trained to enhance or strengthen these pathways but instead to focus on the analytical mind for informative thoughts.
The analytical mind is good for accessing and processing information directly around you, and for accessing and processing stored information but it is worthless for processing information from your higher self.
Your higher self has insight into information that your five senses mind cannot reach. This is because your higher self resides not only inside your body/time/space but well outside it and is able to receive information from many dimensions as well as many places in time/space. In simple words, your higher self has access to the universal consciousness that exists in all time/space.
Much of this information is not relevant to your time/space but some is. Intuitive thoughts, seemingly coming out of nowhere, is your higher self trying to inform your human mind for it’s own good. It is important to listen to these thoughts and take note of their importance. It is also important focus on increasing these thoughts.