the gabriel pages 5

In times of great need your higher self voice may remain your only constant truth so it is vitally important now that you practice accessing this truth on a daily basis. Journal everything that you recieve from this source and over the months you will go back are reread the information and will be surprised at how much you truly know through this source deep within.
Now it is important not only to access this inner knowledge but also the inner strength that goes with it. As you access this inner strength you will learn how to use this. Using this strength may be as simple as focusing this energy within to bring about a positive outcome in the world It may also give you the strength you need to carry through in an important issue you must face in your own life. Either way, you have a wellspring of strength within you that you perhaps were not aware of.
Focus now on visualizing this strength within you. Using your imagination, see this energy well up; feel it fill you up. Practice this on a daily basis and journal the results.