the gabriel pages 4

As you are realizing… the outside distractions of life around you are a challenge as you try to connect inside yourself. Still, with practice, it does become easier and easier to access the higher self inside you. Why should you access this higher self? The higher self is your inner voice that lends you true guidance as well as comfort and strength. This is needed in life and should be available to all people. Unfortunately most have been taught to believe this inner voice is but a mental rambling at best and not a connection to a greater level of consciousness. Indeed you do have what has been referred to as a ‘monkey mind’ that chatters away day and night, but this voice is one of emotions that moves with the currents of energy flowing around you. The higher self voice, in contrast, is a steady, constant voice of reason; one that is not influenced by the emotional fields around you but is instead connected to a higher state of awareness. It is this voice you are striving to connect to.
Continue going inside now and merely listening to this higher self. Record what it tells you in your journal.